A commercial company has contacted me about buying the Hiawatha webserver. They were looking for a secure webserver for their embedded hardware and thought that Hiawatha would fit best. We've been negotiating about a possible deal for several weeks now. After more than 15 years of developing Hiawatha, I think it's time for me to let it go and move on. So, yes, I've sold the Hiawatha webserver.

Most important part of the deal is that Hiawatha will remain open source, but some future features may only be available to paying customers. One of those paid features will be support for HTTP/2. The details about the deal can be found here [page removed].


Of course this was an April fool's joke. No way I will be selling my Hiawatha webserver.

Ron Jones
1 April 2017, 00:13
Rather than try and muddy the water with my comments, I shall let your explanation of the details speak for itself. Suffice it to say I had a moment of panic, and my face is red.
1 April 2017, 00:15
Holy shit you really had me going! LOL
1 April 2017, 00:25
Happy April's Fool, Hugo! :-)
1 April 2017, 00:26
Never been so happy to click on a link before! Pweff
1 April 2017, 00:36
It's still March 31 where I am when I saw this. I was so confused for about 5 seconds.
1 April 2017, 00:40
Yes, Hugo, I would like to admit that it was a very cruel joke :-)

Happy birthday! :-)

And thanks a lot for your hard work and your great support!
1 April 2017, 01:04
Just wanted to add, thank you so much for all the work you do Hugo! Hiawatha is amazing!!!
Gerard Lally
1 April 2017, 02:12
hahaha! I laughed so hard -- after the initial shock!
1 April 2017, 02:20
Congrats. Funny.
1 April 2017, 03:52
this hanks sooo much for posting that on April 1 and not on any other day!
(And thanks even more for hiawatha, relying on it helps me to avoid a huge amount of headache)
1 April 2017, 06:50
Good one
1 April 2017, 13:17
UFF! My heart! LOL! You got me for three seconds, Hugo! &.)..
Kapageridis Stavros
1 April 2017, 14:39
Thank God, i remember the date.
1 April 2017, 23:24
Jajajaja. Like the joke of Java.
Ali B.
2 April 2017, 00:19
2 April 2017, 10:24
you got me.
2 April 2017, 18:36
You got me

Very well executed joke.
4 April 2017, 10:58
Thank God ...
Oh, what a shocking joke ;-)
Do not sell this fine piece of software !

Greetings from Germany, vitus
15 April 2017, 17:38
Just got around to your email. Had it been true, I would have said "Congratulations and stick a fork in it!" Thanks for all of your work over many years!
29 May 2017, 16:17
17 June 2017, 15:17
Yes Hugo even I got into the moment for few seconds. Nice work you and your team out there. Just to tell, when a company/ open source product is sold , usually the acquiring company kills the project. There are so many examples where software have become defunct with no support and updates.

Once again for your contribution to society and global netizens.
Greeting from India.
19 June 2017, 13:07
My heart sank way into my chest.... and then - aaaah heheh ;-) Bless you Hugo.
Best wishes from Norway
26 August 2017, 03:25
WOOOOWAAHH! Almost died of a heart-attack! Phew... Definitely taught me to check the date of the blog-post next time!

Thanks for your fantastic web-server!
Greetings from the Caribbeans.
15 September 2017, 07:59
It's obvious you've sold it and the NSA is the customer. Now they make you retract and FUD it as joke for the April Fool. Beware. He is one of them.
27 November 2018, 17:21
27th of November 2018, for some reason this page was open in a tab when i opened this browser. Quite the shocker !