This new release allows you to select a time interval to filter the statistics and has the Hiawatha weblog integrated in the dashboard. The alerts in the dashboard and the daily e-mail reports are now factor based instead of percentage based.

Kapageridis Stavros
17 April 2017, 15:30
Thank you Hugo.
20 April 2017, 13:28
Going well. Thank you.
Chris Wadge
29 August 2017, 12:17
I've added a new Debian package to my mirror (http://files.tuxhelp.org/hiawatha/BETA/), though I haven't tested it well enough yet to push to my repository. It seems to work fine however, and passes all the tests from SSLLabs. This package adds a new version of mbed TLS, which corrects several potentially serious security issues in the library.

And of course, Murphy's Law strikes again. Just as this issue crops up, the primary fast link to my mirror fails. I'm running that server on a highly degraded secondary link which has only a fraction of the bandwidth. Downloads may be sluggish until the primary comes back up.
Chris Wadge
30 August 2017, 06:24
For anybody using https://files.tuxhelp.org/ to download their Hiawatha Debian packages manually, it should be fast again from most places globally.