16 October 2017, 20:07

It's been a while since the previous release, but today I released version 10.7 of the Hiawatha webserver. This release brings two new small features and includes the latest version of the mbed TLS library.

So, what's next? I think it's about time to finally start working on HTTP/2 support. Some time ago, I decided to use nghttp2 for that. I haven't found the time and the will yet to dig through all the documentation and sample codes yet. A first quick look at the documentation didn't gave me the idea that it's very clear. If anybody has experience with nghttp2 and is willing to help me with some questions, please let me know.

16 October 2017, 22:27
Thanks Hugo.

I see that you've added a new BlockExtensions setting. Can you elaborate its function?
Hugo Leisink
16 October 2017, 22:37
As stated in the manual page, it prevents the uploading of certain files. For example, .pem files to prevent the leaking of private keys.
16 October 2017, 23:17
Thank you for the release Hugo!
Chris Wadge
16 October 2017, 23:30
Thanks for the new release. Updated Debian packages have been synced to files.tuxhelp.org [files.tuxhelp.org] for direct downloads and the mirror.tuxhelp.org [mirror.tuxhelp.org] apt repo.

All the best,
Stavros Kapageridis
17 October 2017, 23:00
Thanks for the new release Hugo.
19 November 2017, 23:50
Huge, many thanks for the new release. I love Hiawatha and appreciate your great work.