28 July 2018, 10:28

In this release, no significant changes have been made to Hiawatha itself. The mbed TLS library has been updated to the latest release and I've changed the layout for directory indexes. I got tired of the previous one.

28 July 2018, 13:52
Thank you. mbedTLS is now able to use Chacha20-Poly1305. I would like to activate it. I was long wating for it.
28 July 2018, 19:22
Thanks for the quick fix. Now Hiawatha is using it on my Server.
Chris Wadge
30 July 2018, 04:10
The x86_64 version of the Debian package is built, but I'm afraid there are some build issues with i386 at the moment. Hugo and I are awaiting some feedback from the mbed TLS folks.
Marco Bignami
30 July 2018, 10:53
The COPR repository has been updated with packages for Enterprise Linux 7 (x86_64 / ppc64le) and for Fedora 26/27/28 (i386 / x86_64 / ppc64le).
30 July 2018, 11:23
OpenBSD amd64, MacOSX and Raspbian are working fine.
Chris Wadge
30 July 2018, 19:23
Thanks to Simon from Mbed TLS, I've got the x86 packages building again. The problem was specific to inline assembly VS the GCC in old-stable. In order to maintain compatibility, I've switched to Clang in the i386/i686 Debian builds.
9 August 2018, 20:21
After updating to this version on a Debian Strech (4.9.110-3+deb9u1) via the repo (deb http://mirror.tuxhelp.org/debian/ squeeze main) Hiawatha was not starting anymore at boot. A "sudo systemctl enable hiawatha" followed by "sudo systemctl start hiawatha" fixed it... no other errors. Not sure what caused it. No errors in the logs I can find.
Robin Miyagi
11 August 2018, 21:57
@Wouter: Thank you for pointing out the `systemctl enable hiawatha'. I had the same problem, and this advice solved it.
14 August 2018, 23:11
Hi Hugo, did you forget to publish the changelog for this version by any chance? https://www.hiawatha-webserver.org/changelog
21 August 2018, 22:41
As always, great hugo
Chris Wadge
27 August 2018, 20:01
@Wouter, the base OS of my build environment moved to a newer LTS. While nothing in the environment changed, it may be related to something in the underlying platform. I'll see if I can track it down for the next release.