28 July 2018, 10:28

In this release, no significant changes have been made to Hiawatha itself. The mbed TLS library has been updated to the latest release and I've changed the layout for directory indexes. I got tired of the previous one.

28 July 2018, 13:52
Thank you. mbedTLS is now able to use Chacha20-Poly1305. I would like to activate it. I was long wating for it.
28 July 2018, 19:22
Thanks for the quick fix. Now Hiawatha is using it on my Server.
Chris Wadge
30 July 2018, 04:10
The x86_64 version of the Debian package is built, but I'm afraid there are some build issues with i386 at the moment. Hugo and I are awaiting some feedback from the mbed TLS folks.
Marco Bignami
30 July 2018, 10:53
The COPR repository has been updated with packages for Enterprise Linux 7 (x86_64 / ppc64le) and for Fedora 26/27/28 (i386 / x86_64 / ppc64le).
30 July 2018, 11:23
OpenBSD amd64, MacOSX and Raspbian are working fine.
Chris Wadge
30 July 2018, 19:23
Thanks to Simon from Mbed TLS, I've got the x86 packages building again. The problem was specific to inline assembly VS the GCC in old-stable. In order to maintain compatibility, I've switched to Clang in the i386/i686 Debian builds.
9 August 2018, 20:21
After updating to this version on a Debian Strech (4.9.110-3+deb9u1) via the repo (deb http://mirror.tuxhelp.org/debian/ squeeze main) Hiawatha was not starting anymore at boot. A "sudo systemctl enable hiawatha" followed by "sudo systemctl start hiawatha" fixed it... no other errors. Not sure what caused it. No errors in the logs I can find.
Robin Miyagi
11 August 2018, 21:57
@Wouter: Thank you for pointing out the `systemctl enable hiawatha'. I had the same problem, and this advice solved it.
14 August 2018, 23:11
Hi Hugo, did you forget to publish the changelog for this version by any chance? https://www.hiawatha-webserver.org/changelog
21 August 2018, 22:41
As always, great hugo
Chris Wadge
27 August 2018, 20:01
@Wouter, the base OS of my build environment moved to a newer LTS. While nothing in the environment changed, it may be related to something in the underlying platform. I'll see if I can track it down for the next release.
28 October 2018, 21:21
Hey Hugo, thanks again.

I noticed there is a detla between version numbers in the download section and the tags on gitlab. Is it possible v10.8.1 on gitlab is the same tree as for the 10.8.3 release under the download section ?
Hugo Leisink
31 October 2018, 08:45
2 November 2018, 01:27
uhm, okay than Not sure, but i'll check.