19 September 2019, 21:39

See changelog for details.

4 October 2019, 23:09
Thanks for the maintenance update!
12 October 2019, 14:54
Thanks Hugo, was switched to an alternative Let's Encrypt script after the bundled one stopped working, great to have the original functionality back. Much appreciated!
15 October 2019, 04:37
Thank you so much hugo
19 October 2019, 00:28
Thanks a lot for sharing this update!
21 October 2019, 09:57
Thanks for this updates, really appreciate it.
27 October 2019, 01:02
Wow... an update. Will tell ${JOB - 3}. Thanks for the update
Josef Pospisil
9 November 2019, 23:30
Hello Hugo, i am loving endlessly hiawatha. And i am learning c programming at the moment and my aim will be to understand the code behind hiawatha because i just love it.
Please Hugo take into consideration to leave the forum open for people that need help...
And also have all the code on github that even people like my when i learn program could help you with hiawatha. That would be endlessly beautiful.

But i have a problem with getting hiawatha getting to work with fcgi and c++.

When i try to compile the c code under:


it tells me:

#/usr/bin/ld: fastcgi.c:(.text+0x3b): undefined reference to `FCGX_GetParam'
#/usr/bin/ld: fastcgi.c:(.text+0x66): undefined reference to `FCGX_FPrintF'

many times. And the link:


is not online anymore. And if i search for it i get:


and if i compile the:


the errors does not disappear.
Hugo Leisink
13 November 2019, 09:55
Did you use the -lfcgi option, as specified in the first line of fastcgi.c.txt?

Because Github was taken over by Microsoft, I moved all my projects to Gitlab. The new location of the 'FastCGI development kit' is https://gitlab.com/hsleisink/fcgi.
Chris Peachment
25 November 2019, 01:19
Hello Hugo:

I'm pleased to see you are continuing to work on Hiawatha. My two remote servers and my local machine will continue to use it.

I just downloaded version 10.10 and compiled it on Debian 10 (version number is coincidental). Debian is using an updated gcc:

$ gcc --version
gcc (Debian 8.3.0-6) 8.3.0
Copyright (C) 2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

that has "improved" diagnostics which are now warning of possible string overflows of the form:

/home/chris/local/hiawatha-10.10/src/rproxy.c: In function ‘init_rproxy_module’:
/home/chris/local/hiawatha-10.10/src/rproxy.c:65:30: warning: ‘%s’ directive writing up to 32 bytes into a region of size 13 [-Wformat-overflow=]
char str[50], *format = "%s %s\r\n";

plus a couple of:

/home/chris/local/hiawatha-10.10/src/target.c: In function ‘execute_cgi’:
/home/chris/local/hiawatha-10.10/src/target.c:1221:24: warning: this statement may fall through [-Wimplicit-fallthrough=]
session->keep_alive = false;

I am an advocate of zero reports from the compiler rather than ignore warnings so these reports are "useful" even if annoying. My own work in C is filled with such reports, despite my general avoidance of strcpy/strcat in favour of the strncpy/strncat versions. I am gradually cleaning them up and you might do the same. Your code has fewer warnings than mine :-)


Hugo Leisink
25 November 2019, 09:20
Hi Chris. Thanks for your feedback. I try to write my code as warning-free as possible. But 100% warning-free is very hard, due to errors in the compiler checks. Both issues you mentioned are not errors in my code, but in the compiler checks. So, I can't fix them, because there is nothing to fix.
28 November 2019, 17:27
Thanks for the update.
The windows 10.10 version of Hiawatha does not seem to run because "cygcrypt-2.dll is missing".
I am not sure how many people use the windows version and I would understand you discontinue it if you have limited time. Personally I will decommission my windows server soon.
Hugo Leisink
28 November 2019, 21:53
Weird. cygcrypt-0.dll is included and needed. I don't know what goes wrong.
1 December 2019, 15:29
yes cygcrypt-0.dll is included, here it also asks for cygcrypt-2.dll
1 December 2019, 15:33
I suppose that this package is missing https://cygwin.com/packages/summary/libcrypt2.html
Hugo Leisink
2 December 2019, 09:13
My advice: download the source, install cygwin and run extra/make_windows_package.
6 December 2019, 01:47
Sure, and amending the line files="cygcrypt-0.dll cyggcc_s-1.dll cyggcc_s-seh-1.dll cygrunsrv.exe cygiconv-2.dll cygwin1.dll cygxml2-2.dll cygxslt-1.dll cygz.dll cyglzma-5.dll" in extra/make_windows_package to include the missing dll.
15 December 2019, 00:21
Hi Hugo, Would you consider replacing line 10 of logrotate.in by `/usr/bin/killall -HUP hiawatha || true` in order to avoid logrotate errors when hiawatha is not running? (For example when logrotate starts before hiawatha at boot time).

See my related bugreport here https://www.hiawatha-webserver.org/weblog/134
Hugo Leisink
15 December 2019, 12:56
Sure, will be there in the next release.