See the changelog for details.

8 July 2020, 21:18
Successfully tested on OpenBSD, MacOS and Raspbian. Thank you.
Dale Farnsworth
9 July 2020, 01:25
Thank you Hugo. I upgraded my installation.
Chris Wadge
14 July 2020, 06:16
Took me a couple of days, since I was off the grid, but the deb repos are updated as well.
17 July 2020, 01:41
Thanks for the update I was waiting for these minor changes, this is very appreciated!
18 July 2020, 22:27
Awesome , very appreciated. I will try to convert it to rust with c2rust.
I'm very curious of the result, I'm sure it could benefit of few things like cargo and the ability to deploy from the .toml setup. it will also benefit from the ownership, borrowing , lifetime ( memory safety )
19 July 2020, 01:29
Thanks a lot for the new release!
28 July 2020, 14:23
Thanks Hugo.