25 March 2021, 21:59

See the changelog for details.

25 March 2021, 23:58
Thanks a lot for the new release! Tested on Debian stretch and buster and everything runs perfectly :-)
26 March 2021, 09:02
Thank you, successfully tested on OpenBSD. Stay healthy.
Dale Farnsworth
26 March 2021, 18:19
Thank you Hugo for your continued support. I installed 10.12 on current Ubuntu. Looks good.
Chris Wadge
27 March 2021, 04:01
Thanks for the new build, Hugo. Deb packages are up to date.
2 April 2021, 13:17
Thanks for the update Hugo!
2 April 2021, 14:24
Good to see you still doing regular updates. Any chance of you resurrecting the mailing list to notify us?
13 April 2021, 14:28
Good to see an update, still using hiawatha daily.