After reviewing the poll results and reading the e-mails I received about that subject, I decided to keep this website as it is. No slimming or closing down. This means that you will receive the same support and quick answers on forum as you are used to.

About the project itself. The fact remains that not many people use the Hiawatha webserver. But because I use it a lot myself, I will keep working on it. So, bugs will be fixed. But don't expect many new features and releases. At least, not with the same frequency as I have done in the last few years. Also, I believe Hiawatha has everything it needs to host a website in a proper way. I have no intention in making it as bloated as 'that other webserver'.

At the moment, most of my free time will be spent on working on my other open source project. The Banshee PHP framework.

3 June 2011, 17:30
I think - as lighttpd is almost dead - Hiawatha will win more attention.
Hugo Leisink
3 June 2011, 21:05
Why do you think lighttpd is almost dead?