30 May 2011, 20:05

This release holds small improvements and some small bug fixes. Nothing big.

A week ago, a former colleague of mine sent me an e-mail asking about Hiawatha. He happens to be the author of the PolarSSL library. We talked about Hiawatha and PolarSSL and I decided to see if I can replace OpenSSL in Hiawatha with PolarSSL. I'm not a big fan of OpenSSL because of it's horrible code and incomplete documentation, so any replacement is welcome. I just haven't found a suitable replacement yet. I will give PolarSSL a try and see if it has all the functionality I need for Hiawatha.

30 May 2011, 21:08
Great news. Maybe that will allow you to implement different certificates per domain easier.
30 May 2011, 22:29
Ahhh sounds great, Hugo! Thank you so much for keeping up this great piece of software. Looking forward to hearing about PolarSSL and hiawatha.
Chris Wadge
31 May 2011, 00:40
Thanks for the update Hugo. The Debian packages for 7.5 are now up on the mirror.
14 June 2011, 09:48
greatly appreciated hugo :-)
is it build-in now , the ssl ?
or need we setup polarssl also ?
Hugo Leisink
14 June 2011, 11:51
At the moment, OpenSSL is used. On most systems, OpenSSL is available as a shared library. In case of PolarSSL, the source will be delivered with Hiawatha. In both cases, you only have to do a compile as usual. Nothing will change.
30 June 2011, 00:24
Did you hear about matrixssl? I'm curious about your opinion on matrixssl. Regards.
Hugo Leisink
30 June 2011, 09:48
I'm sure MatrixSSL is a fine library, but based on a quick look I took at MatrixSSL, I think PolarSSL is more complete.
30 June 2011, 10:34
Thank You for your reply Hugo.