1 November 2011, 00:42

With this new release, Hiawatha has the ability to cache the output of CGI applications. The application can control when and for how long its output is cached. Caching static pages generated by CGI scripts will have a considerable positive effect on the performance of your webserver. How this works can be found in the Hiawatha manual page.

Chris Wadge
1 November 2011, 07:48
Hiawatha Debian packages for i386 and AMD64 updated:

Chris Wadge
9 November 2011, 22:38
Ditto for 7.8.1:


Sizable increase in CGI performance, thanks for the update.
20 November 2011, 17:20
please load the windows distrib for 7.8.2
Hugo Leisink
20 November 2011, 17:45
Oh, whoops. Forgot that one I'll create the Windows package right away.