27 January 2012, 00:51

Today is the 10th anniversary of the Hiawatha webserver! In the last 10 years, Hiawatha has grown from a small and simple webserver to a full functional webserver with security features no other webserver has. Although Hiawatha is not used by many, I still enjoy working on it. I have no big plans for the future, but development will continue and release by release, Hiawatha will become better and better.

Thanks to everybody who has supported and helped me in any kind of way. And of course, thanks to everybody who is using and enjoying the power of the Hiawatha webserver.

Later this day, at 12:06 GMT+1, exactly 10 years after the release of 0.1, I will release Hiawatha 8.0.

Chris Wadge
27 January 2012, 04:05
Thanks Hugo for writing and continuing to support Hiawatha. It's my favorite webserver out there: Hiawatha is rock solid, fast, easy to use, and its security features are awesome. Apache is fine, but it takes me 2 hours + to tune and harden it (mod_security, mod_evasive, etc). I can get a Hiawatha server setup in minutes, and it will perform better and arguably be more secure since it requires no extra modules and tweaking beyond a few variables in the config file.

Congratulations on 10 years of Hiawatha, and may your next 10 be even more rewarding.

27 January 2012, 12:11
Using Hiawatha for several years now. I still do like it.

So... Thank you!
27 January 2012, 13:23
Happy Anniversary and thanks for this great product!
27 January 2012, 16:17
I have been a user since version 6.x. Hiawatha Web Server is the most easy to configure, fast, secured and light weight web server in the market so far. In addition, it can be easily customised for blocking special exploit.

Hugo, thanks for your hard work.

Happy 10th Anniversary!!!!!

David Oliver
27 January 2012, 17:14
Congrautlations on your anniversary! Nice timing with the release :-)

Thanks for sharing your work, from a new, so-far impressed user.
27 January 2012, 17:16
I found out about hiawatha just a few months ago and I immediately was really excited about it!
I use it for my website on my little vServer and it performs really well.

Thank you for your extraordinarily good work!
27 January 2012, 20:52
Using Hiawatha since v. 6.3. Thanks Hugo for a great piece of software; Happy Anniversary !!
Nicholas E. May
29 January 2012, 19:49

Thank you for writing the best webserver out there. I use Hiawatha for all of my websites and can sleep at night, knowing my server is secure, fast and has baked-in caching. Thank you so much!