26 February 2012, 01:25

This release contains mostly small improvements and a fix in the manpage generation via CMake.

Chris Wadge
26 February 2012, 04:38
Debian packages are up to date:


Chris Wadge
29 February 2012, 06:34
By the way, I've noticed an unexpectedly high amount of users download the i386 build of Hiawatha. I suspect this is because it's fast and lightweight, meaning more bang-for-buck on older hardware. Since this is the case, I've added an additional build of the 32-bit Hiawatha package which is compiled with more aggressive cflags. This means the i386 package will still be compatible with any x86 CPU, but the i686 requires a Pentium 3 or newer CPU. If your processor supports the i686 build however, my quick & dirty benchmarks show a roughly 7% improvement in serving static content, and around a 25% improvement in PHP rendering time via FastCGI.
Hugo Leisink
29 February 2012, 14:07
That's good to hear, thanks. Can you give me some numbers about how many downloads you've had?
Chris Wadge
29 February 2012, 23:11
Sure. In the last 4 days, there were 434 successful downloads of the unofficial Hiawatha Debian packages from my little mirror. Of those, 240 were i386, and 188 were amd64. The brand new i686 package has only been downloaded 6 times so far.
David Oliver
10 May 2012, 10:52
Chris, thanks for the i686 package. I'm using it on one my VPSes, and will also use it on my other one when I upgrade it to 8.

And many thanks to Hugo, as always.