24 October 2012, 10:00

The Hiawatha webserver website can now be visited via HTTPS. Via GoDaddy's free SSL certificate service for open source projects, I've obtained a free SSL certificate.

The certificate has been replaced with a 5-year certificate from Comodo, which has been donated by a Hiawatha user. Thanks a lot, Chris!

24 October 2012, 12:38
Congrats. But it is free for one year only.
Hugo Leisink
24 October 2012, 13:01
Yes, but it can be renewed for free after that year.
24 October 2012, 13:58
SOPA supporters? :-/
You can surely generate your own and use https://www.cacert.org/ - still free
Still congrats regardless. SSL is nice to have.
Hugo Leisink
24 October 2012, 14:32
No browser has support for cacert, so that's just as good as having no certiticate.
Chris Wadge
24 October 2012, 22:32
Yeah, GoDaddy is just trying to garner community sympathy after shooting themselves in the foot with SOPA, and then the resulting DNS outage. I've transferred 100% of the domains I own and manage away from them, and never plan on going back. Cool that you have SSL now though.
David Oliver
25 October 2012, 13:39
Cool. :-)

In case you want to change in future, StartSSL, which I've used for both a free and a paid certificate and been pleased with, offer free SSL certificates: http://www.startssl.com/?app=1
Hugo Leisink
25 October 2012, 13:53
I know, I tried that one first. But the client-certiticate that was supposed to be installed in my browser for authentication and acocunt management never was installed. So, I ended up with an account I couldn't get back into. Their solution was to register with another e-mailaddress and inform them, so they could merge the two accounts. But since that doesn't solve the fact that during account creation no certificate was installed in my brower, I told them: "bye bye, I found a solution that works'.
Hugo Leisink
25 October 2012, 15:14
Btw, did you all notice that I have a SSL certificate for this website while other websites on this server use another certificate. And yes, they all use the same IP address...
Chris Wadge
27 October 2012, 00:41
Hooray, SNI! Been waiting for that feature for a while.
Hugo Leisink
27 October 2012, 01:05
I've been working with the PolarSSL developer to fix some last few bugs. PolarSSL 1.2 will probably soon be released. Hiawatha v8.6 with indeed SNI, will shortly follow.
29 October 2012, 16:57
Well done, Chris!