5 March 2013, 15:36

I found a bug in Hiawatha which can lead to a server crash when using Tomahawk. The bug is in hiawatha.c at line 1894. The last "pollfd*" should be just "pollfd":

if ((poll_data = (struct pollfd*)malloc((number_of_bindings + MAX_ADMIN_CONNECTIONS) * sizeof(struct pollfd))) == NULL) {

This issue has been fixed in version 8.8.1, which just has been released. The Windows and MacOS X packages are coming soon.

7 March 2013, 02:15
Thanks Hugo, this also seems to fix a crash I encountered when using IPv6, SSL and the monitor at the same time, which I wasn't able to debug using valdring or gdb (could be I'm not experience enough with these tools).
7 March 2013, 02:43
Err, I mean valgrind obviously. Anyway, it has been working fine for two days now.