18 March 2013, 19:28

The first beta of Hiawatha 9.0 has been released. The biggest change in this release is the usage of a thread pool instead of creating a new thread when a client connects. Please, test this new feature for me and let me know what you think of it.

A thing that will be implemented for the next beta is a configurable default thread pool size, which is now hard coded in src/workers.c.

Hiawatha 9.0-beta can be downloaded via the download page.

Beta 2: This one includes a thread pool manager and the thread pool size can be set via the configuration file.
Beta 3: The Header option has been added to the UrlToolkit. The DenyBot and OldBrowser options have been removed.
Beta 4: Wigwam has improved UrlToolkit testing: Referer and User-Agent HTTP header via environment variables.

19 March 2013, 13:15
Hello Hugo,

is this something like mpm_event in Apache? Do you have any idea of 9.0 final release ?

Hugo Leisink
19 March 2013, 14:11
I have no idea. I don't know Apache very well.

And the final version of Hiawatha 9.0 will be released when it's done
Chris Wadge
26 March 2013, 00:19
Been using Hiawatha 9.0-beta on my personal servers since b1, it's seen a fair amount of traffic and no obvious issues thus far. Unofficial Debian packages for 9.0-b3 are available here: http://files.tuxhelp.org/hiawatha/BETA/