Mozilla finally decided to include TLS/1.1 support in Firefox. However, most users won't benefit from this support, because it's disabled by default and enabling is not many people will and can do. To enable TLS/1.1 support, use "about:config" in the URL bar and search for the security.tls.version.max setting. Set its value to 2 (default is 1).

Happy secure browsing!

7 August 2013, 19:47
You're speaking about FF 23, i assume?
Hugo Leisink
7 August 2013, 19:51
Yes, thanks. I've added the release numbr to the title.
7 August 2013, 19:56
You're welcome
Roberto Delgado
20 August 2013, 02:59
Thanks for the tip!
27 September 2013, 21:25
Since FF 24 use max "3" for tls 1.2 and min "1"
5 November 2013, 07:42
If the "security.tls.version.max" is set to higher than "1", the download from https will be very slow for Firefox 24 and 25.