14 October 2013, 20:02

It turned out that the issue with PolarSSL 1.3 in the rc0 release was because how PolarSSL 1.3 was compiled by Hiawatha, which is a bit different that with PolarSSL 1.2. This has been fixed in the rc1 release. I've also included keep-alive connections for the reverse proxy in Hiawatha.

Please, test this 9.3-rc1 release and inform me about any issues. If no issues are reported before next sunday, I will then release 9.3

Update (15 oct 2013):
PolarSSL 1.3.1 has been released. To use this new SSL library, go to the directory polarssl inside the source package and run './upgrade 1.3.1'

Second update (19 oct 2013):
There still is a bug in PolarSSL, so no Hiawatha release this weekend.

Chris Wadge
14 October 2013, 23:15
I've forgotten to mention this earlier, but adventurous Debian users can find out a pre-built binary of 9.3-rc1 here: http://files.tuxhelp.org/hiawatha/BETA/
15 October 2013, 11:01
Somesthing get wrong. I can't visit the website with Firefox 24 and https:

"... www.hiawatha-webserver.org ... (Errorcode: ssl_error_rx_malformed_server_hello)"

Maybe you can see it in your logfile at: 10:59 am.
Chris Wadge
29 October 2013, 22:01
By the way, I finally found the time to upgrade the Debian package for Hiawatha 9.3-RC1 to include PolarSSL 1.3.1: http://files.tuxhelp.org/hiawatha/BETA/
1 November 2013, 13:25
With 1.3.2 is all fine Hugo