5 November 2013, 23:10
I'm proud to present the 9.3 version of the Hiawatha webserver. It took some time to have all the issues solved in PolarSSL, but thanks to the great support of its author we can all enjoy the new features in PolarSSL 1.3: elliptic curve cryptography and improved support for forward security. Take a look at this SSLlabs report for the Hiawatha website to see what this means for browser connections.
5 November 2013, 23:24
Thanks Hugo, will try it first thing tomorrow
6 November 2013, 09:37
Works like a charm, even the SSL error in wget is gone! Thank you very much!
6 November 2013, 22:52
It works fine with FreeBSD 9.2
6 November 2013, 23:43
RasPi (make_debian_package ) works fine too Hiawatha is still the best choice Thanks Hugo and thanks to Paul for the fast fix.
8 November 2013, 00:50
I was waiting for support for forward security. Thanks for this!
8 November 2013, 17:59
good luck Hiawatha for the future!is the best choice
24 November 2013, 17:52
Great works win win64! Thanks
3 December 2013, 08:38
Works like a charm on my old pentium 2 machine, thanks!
21 January 2014, 17:04
With this new version, Hiawather 9.3, IE8 is no longer supported which makes up about 10% of browsers. It's sad but true :-(
Hugo Leisink
21 January 2014, 17:26
What makes you think IE8 is no longer supported? IE8 works just fine with Hiawatha. I use it often at work.
3 February 2014, 17:30

No support for XP and IE8. I know XP is end of life but in an environment like ours, legacy comparability is a concern. Perhaps there could be a config option for 128 bit cipher suites (disabled by default of course).