New versions of the Hiawatha webserver and the Hiawatha Monitor have been released. Hiawatha now supports chunked encoded requests and logfile rotation. Several bugs were fixed, included a few found via Coverity.

I've added access rights per webserver and support for CGI errors to the Hiawatha Monitor. The server statistics have been replaced by two graphs for connection count and bad requests.

1 June 2014, 11:59


Here is the tutorial for installing Hiawatha 9.6 on Ubuntu Server 14.04 - http://secure-ubuntu-server.blogspot.com/2014/06/howto-highest-secured-hiawatha-web.html
1 June 2014, 13:28
Thanks for the update Hugo.

Are there any defaults for rotating logs? I'm guessing that Hiawatha won't rotate them unless I tell otherwise.
Hugo Leisink
1 June 2014, 14:01
You guessed correctly.
1 June 2014, 14:15
you are welcome!
1 June 2014, 17:04
hurry up big up
Chris Wadge
1 June 2014, 20:55
Thanks for the update. If every webserver was this well supported, the world would be a better place.

And, as usual, the new Debian packages are up at http://files.tuxhelp.org/hiawatha/. The apt repo [www.hiawatha-webserver.org] at apt.sparkz.no should be synchronizing shortly.
Pål Sollie
1 June 2014, 21:19
I've updated the apt repo with Chris' 9.6 builds.
Kurnia Ramadhan
1 June 2014, 23:03
Thanks Hugo

Will update soon
and thanks Chris Wadge for Debian Packages
Chris Wadge
1 June 2014, 23:40
Not a problem! Likewise, my thanks to Pål Sollie for hosting his apt mirror [apt.sparkz.no].
2 June 2014, 09:38
Thanks for the clarification Hugo.
Hugo Leisink
2 June 2014, 13:49
Rene, I've moved your comments to this forum topic.
4 June 2014, 21:32
I start to read your tutorial like i'm going to eat a big slice of my favorite cake. But while reading through, I got my doubts of the 'situation correctness' of your tutorial.

At one point you advised to set
cgi.rfc2616_headers to 1 in /etc/php5/cgi/php.ini, while the corresponding documentation of that setting (http://nl3.php.net/manual/en/ini.core.php#ini.cgi.rfc2616-headers) advices to leave it to the default 0 value when running php in a cgi environment like php-fpm (which is preferred over the 'original' php when using Hiawatha).

Also, you don't make advantage of separate configurations for php-fpm in "/etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/". Not that's that bad when you run it only for Hiawatha. But it can be problematic later when you want to utilize php5-fpm for another package or when the "one file configs everything" gets deprecated in the next version(s).
Chris Wadge
18 July 2014, 21:35
Since I'm not sure when we'll be seeing Hiawatha 9.7, I've built a set of unofficial Debian packages against 9.6 which includes the latest PolarSSL (1.3.8).

What's new in PolarSSL 1.3.8 [polarssl.org]
Get the packages [files.tuxhelp.org]
Hugo Leisink
19 July 2014, 09:13
9.7 will be released somewhere at the beginning of august, when I'm back from holiday.