4 January 2015, 15:39

The 9.10-rc1 release caused no trouble for anyone, so here is the final release. Nothing changed. Have fun with it!

Leo Unglaub
4 January 2015, 15:46
Thanks, i updated the CRUX-Linux ports
Chris Wadge
4 January 2015, 23:27
Debian builds are also up, after a quick round of testing (quicker than usual since I've already done this on the RC), and available at files.tuxhelp.org [files.tuxhelp.org]; apt.sparkz.no [apt.sparkz.no] should be synced shortly.

I'm not sure I've mentioned this in the past, but TLS is also available for files.tuxhelp.org if you prefer. Note that since it's vhost-specific, you'll need a client modern enough to understand SNI, otherwise it will throw a trust error. In other words, if you use an ancient version of wget, you'll probably need to ignore any certificate issues or use the HTTP protocol instead. https://files.tuxhelp.org
David Oliver
5 January 2015, 15:33
Many thanks!
10 January 2015, 14:16
Does this version include the bugfix versions of PolarSSL for fixing CVE-2014-8628?
Hugo Leisink
10 January 2015, 17:33
Yes, CVE-2014-8628 has been fixed in 1.3.9, which is included in Hiawatha 9.10. You can always upgrade PolarSSL by running the update script inside the polarssl directory.
Chris Wadge
11 January 2015, 01:54
@RoestVrijStaal, In my Debian builds, this was fixed in 9.8-1.
11 January 2015, 17:40
@Hugo & @Chris: Thanks!
15 January 2015, 09:13