18 February 2015, 11:49

The IETF HTTP Working Group has approved the HTTP/2 specification. This draft will now get the 'request-for-comments' status for a short while, which allows others to make their comments. After that, the IETF will publish it as an official standard.

Update: The HTTP/2 RFC has been published in May 2015.

18 February 2015, 16:20
Will Hiawatha support HTTP/2?
Hugo Leisink
18 February 2015, 16:56
It's likely that in the future I will implement HTTP/2 support. But don't expect it soon, more like somewhere this year.
19 February 2015, 03:05
J. Lambrecht
27 February 2015, 18:20
Looking forward to see how you've paired it with Hiawatha security.
4 December 2015, 12:36
Anything new concerning HTTP/2 support?
Hugo Leisink
4 December 2015, 15:09
No, just don't expect support for it in Hiawatha soon. It's likely that HTTP/1.x will be supported by browser for decades and HTTP/2 won't bring you and significant advantages, unless you offer services like Google. For the average server, HTTP/1.x is good enough.