19 June 2010, 11:11

An independent researcher (SaltwaterC) has done a performance test on several PHP frameworks / CMSes and webservers, including Hiawatha. Although speed was never my highest priority while developing Hiawatha, I always did my best to make Hiawatha fast. And according to the results of this research, Hiawatha is doing quite well in terms of speed and performance.

The results of this research can be found in this document: PHP_web_serving_study.pdf.

9 January 2013, 22:39
It could be nice to have some regular update; just to see if hiawatha is always (nearly) the best !
and how others can do better with so many developers !
2 November 2018, 01:50
I'd love to see a similar benchmark against the most recent Hiawatha. As i'm randomly promoting the PHA stack i hope to find a way to construct a reliable benchmark so i can compare my local VM performance to a hosted VPS performance.