A little less than two weaks ago, I released Banshee v5.0. The main change in this release was the support for responsive designs. In the meantime, I upgraded all my most important websites to Banshee v5.0. This also includes the Hiawatha Monitor. So, with the Hiawatha Monitor v1.2, you can now keep track of all your Hiawatha webservers, even from a mobile phone or tablet. Go to the download page to get your copy.

21 June 2015, 18:49
Hi Hugo, thank you very much. All is working fine here.
I did the upgrade steps from the changelog. Only my password did not work. So I did only a pasword reset. Now is all working great.
Kapageridis Stavros
30 June 2015, 18:04
Hi Hugo, i just make the upgrade. All is working fine.