14 July 2015, 09:10

Yesterday, I came acros this website, which claims to be an online community and public directory of free and open source software. I was surprised that Hiawatha already had its own page at this website. I asked for an account and ownership of that page. After approval, I updated the page.

The project's activity and number of people who rated it are very low. Please, help me to pimp these numbers. Because they had a lot of spammers, account creation is temporarily disabled. You can request one via info@openhub.net. Get an account and help me to make Hiawatha more known to the world with a nice review.

All my projects at OpenHub can be found here.

14 July 2015, 09:55
Yes of course, will do! Nice website you found there!
14 July 2015, 21:19
Nice! will do once they create me an account.
15 July 2015, 09:12
Done. The site needs also Hiwatha
15 July 2015, 17:50
in addition to that, ask your users to put a link to hiawatha site on their website. That would help incrementally I think. (may be have a specia plus version and allow it only for those who link to hiawatha ; this might sound odd, but unless you do something like this, only very few people would ever think of doing it) MAKE them to link.

ps: I also wanted to rate it as 5 star, but the site asked for a login and I just closed it; even I wouldn't have written this comment, the reason I am typing now is because this FORM doesn't ask for login. MAKE it EASY for users.
Kapageridis Stavros
7 August 2015, 16:01
Hi Hugo, i just make a request. I will update you when i have my account.
Kapageridis Stavros
7 August 2015, 16:13
#me, there is allready this ability. https://www.hiawatha-webserver.org/banners. You can see an example at www.stavros.ovh [www.stavros.ovh]
Kapageridis Stavros
7 August 2015, 21:05
Yeap, my review is flying free I admit that it was very hard to express my real opinion about Hiawatha. My english is not good enough.
J. Lambrecht
18 August 2015, 23:00
Great, Black Duck, is known for code audits and license management. Nice boost for the reputation. I wonder if it had anything to do with a hint on hiawatha :-) but i guess there are many who would.