26 July 2015, 11:42

Version 9.14 of the Hiawatha webserver has been released. This one brings you mbed TLS v2.0.0. Because of this major change in the SSL library, this version of Hiawatha is no longer compatible with previous versions of mbed TLS / PolarSSL.

In this version, a bug has been fixed that made Hiawatha crash when a very large request (several hundreds of megabytes) was send to a FastCGI server.

Rush to the download page to get your copy.

26 July 2015, 12:22
Hello Hugo, successful tested on OpenBSD and Raspbian stable.
Deb-File for Raspbian:
26 July 2015, 15:13
Thank for update Hugo, i will wait for deb package to update my web server installation script as well.
Kapageridis Stavros
26 July 2015, 15:46
Thanks for the update Hugo.
26 July 2015, 18:10
Thank you Hugo. The ongoing improvement and enhancement of this excellent piece of software is highly appreciated. I run hiawatha on at least 50 separate projects and it has never failed me. Compiling packages for CentOS is a breeze. Thanks again.
21 September 2015, 15:48
Update mbedTLS to 2.1.1 in Raspi Image: